Storyhour Fridays @ 10:30, ages 2-5.
PLUS starting August 22, Dog Bookbuddies will join us Fridays @ 3:00. For ages 3-7 (kids, not dogs). So stop by after school on Friday to pick up your books and movies, read to a cute pooch, and build something with Legos or K'Nex.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Pet Storytime, Friday, August 29

Oh, we love our pets! So we'll also love a storytime about pets -- but these aren't regular pets.  These are bizarre pets, like rhinoceri and octopi oh my oh my.  

Storytime Lineup:
Intro:  An Octopus Followed Me Home
Gripping Tale:  My Rhinoceros
Interaction: If All the Animals Came Inside
Fun: A Mammoth in the Fridge

The simple bold outlines of Agee's artwork in My Rhinoceros and the problem his hero faces (his new pet rhino doesn't do anything) and the robbers the rhino befuddles (turns out he can fly) make for a great readaloud story and a perfect opener. This book has gotten a little criticism for being too babyishly unbelievable. Unbelievable? In my experience three year olds have a very tenuous grip on reality. (Conversation with grandson: He: "I don't like rats." Me: "They do cause diseases." He: "But they are very good chefs.") This book about a flying rhino would be right up their alley.

I like to ask the kids to raise their hand if they have a cat. Then raise their other hand if they have a dog. And if they have a fish or a turtle... They love to tell me their names.

For Older Kids

Pet rugs

I gave out fun foam cut into different shapes from different colors, some foam stickers left over from other projects, markers, and scissors. We made pet rugs, for beanie babies or whatever. The children were very young, so this was a good starter lesson in coloring, cutting the fringe on the rugs, and picking apart the sticker backings, a small motor exercise. Plus they got a big kick out of it.

I should have reviewed the scissors secret with them before we started: “Thumbs up, open and shut, that’s how you cut.”

I went to visit the pet shop one day
I saw a dog along the way!
He wagged his tail and wanted to play!
Woof woof woof, woof woof woof.

I went to visit the pet shop one day
I saw a cat along the way!
She purred and purred and wanted to play!
Purr purr purr, purr purr purr

I went to visit the pet shop one day
I saw a bird along the way!
She flapped her wings to fly away!

Cheep cheep cheep, cheep cheep cheep


ANY animal song goes here! BINGO is good -- the moms join in.
Dogs, cats, snakes, monkeys and even a frog were all reading on the Wheels on the Bus with

Monday, August 18, 2014

Pig Storytime, Friday, August 22 @ 10:30

this lens' photo
There's nothing I like better than starting off a storytime with a little REALITY. With no disrespect to Piggy and Olivia and Toot and Puddle, real pigs are kind of cool too. Simple nonfiction with beautiful photos and short text, like this book by Jane Green, give us a nice dive into that storytime mud.

Storytime Line-up 2014
Props: Pig & Cow puppets, party hat and pig noses
Intro: Happy Pig Day by Mo Willems This would also be a
good one to end on so everyone could go a little crazy and have pig photo ops.
Gripping Tale: The Cow that went Oink
Science: Busy Piggies
Song: This little piggy -- I had them count too. "This little piggy went to market, ONE"
Classic Tale:  Three Ninja Pigs.  Very funny
Olivia Saves the Circus -- ran out of time.

Text Module

P is for PIGGY!!!

Here are some cute piggies. I ran off some Piggie Ps, but use construction paper or card stock because printer paper wrinkles when it dries. When painting pink, using a swishie motion of up, down & around strokes for a P. The brown P was painted brown, using a cork dipped in brown paint thickened with flour to make a textured “mud” paint. (The brown muddy pig was more fun — for me anyway!)

Photo TF Sherman
Text Module

Piggy Game

I had all these swell pig noses made with elastic and pink styrofoam egg cartons, so I thought we would act out the song (from Mel’s Desk:

5 pigs so squeaky clean,
cleanest pigs you've ever seen,
Wanted to go outside and play
[shout: IN THE MUD!]
1 jumped into the mud,
landed with a great big THUD! [clap or slap leg]
now there are 4 pigs squeaky clean
[oink oink]
4 pigs so squeaky clean...etc.

But it turned out that everyone wanted to be piggies. So with the storytime rug as our mudhole, we sang this song a little cockeyed, starting with 12 pigs so sqeaky clean…and then when 6 immediately jumped in the mudhole and started rolling around, we went down to 6, until the last young pig refused to join the crowded mass of piglets, so she just stayed squeaky clean. It was some fun foolery.

Photo by TF Sherman



This little piggy -- but I always change it up. I ask the kids in the room what they had for breakfast, and I use that instead of "roast beef" And instead of going to market, they sometimes go to Storytime!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Food Storytime, Friday, July 25 @ 10:30

I'm going to EAT YOU UP!

Being eaten alive is a theme that crops up again and again during storytime, often while parents are actually nibbling delicately at their baby's toes. The Three Little Pigs, Red Riding Hood, The Gingerbread Man -- the list just goes on and on. So it makes absolute sense to do a storytime on what is so central to childhood -- eating and being eaten.

Yummy Yucky by the wonderful Patricelli is one of my major favorites. Read it to the babies; read it to the "older" kids -- you'll get a big laugh from the moms at both groups because this one is actually a series of puns: which is yummy and which is yucky: burgers or boogers? Sand or sandwiches? Chocolate sauce or hot sauce? It's like a story lasso; you throw it over your audience's head and pull them in every time.

Pick a Puppet -- Any Puppet

I start off with my all time favorite turtle puppet and the Vachel Lindsay poem:
I have a little turtle, he lives in a box.
He swims in the puddles, he climbs on the rocks.
He snaps at the mosquitoes, he snaps at the fleas, he snaps at the minnows,
He snaps at me!
He caught the mosquitoes, he caught the fleas, he caught those minnows,
But he didn't catch me!
While I recite I circle the room and snap and nibble at the children by turns.
Change words to do with another puppet.

Story Time Line-up
Props: 10 cookies, pieces for Stop that Pickle
Intro: Yummy, Yucky. I asked them to chorus in. No one's too old for Yummy Yucky!
Gripping tale: Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog
Science & Math: The Watermelon Seed
Physical: Stop that Pickle Down Around the Corner at the Bakery Shop
Classic: True Story of the 3 Little Pigs
Finale: EATS. I read this kind of like a flannelboard -- they identify the animals on the pages.

Baby Storytime Ideas about Food

Miss Kristen's Library Village Blogspot
A wonderful baby storytime. Hope I have the guts to do her version of Peel the Banana.

Craft: We Made Playdough!

I made a trial batch the night before, and as promised by The Imagination Tree, it was extremely easy and turned out perfectly. I brought in the dry ingredients premixed in a tupperware so set up was very easy. Hot water from the cooler worked fine. While I let it cool off, I divided the playdough I brought in from home. We “baked” a pink cake (Milo forgot that he didn’t want pink and shouted “I love pink!”) and by great good fortune, I had exactly eight children, so we got to have a quick fraction lesson when I divided it up with a cake slice. They played with it while I kneaded the second batch, which was still nice and warm when I divided that too.

I used this recipe from The Imagination Tree, minus the glycerine. Great site; lots of comments from readers. I did not add fancy ingredients like unsweetened Koolaid and lavendar extracts. I’m saving that for the Master Chef Playdough Challenge.


Both stunning and tropically delicious, fruit loop necklaces are an excellent way to teach minor motor coordination AND provide your child with a healthy (???) snack.

Materials: I used kite string, because it’s easy to knot, threaded on a dental floss threader. I double about two yards of thread, so there’s a one yard length, and then put tape about four inches up from the end to leave plenty of room for the knot. I love this activity. It’s good minor motor coordination, good for colors, cheap, easy, tasty, and aesthetically pleasing!

Photo by TF Sherman

5 Gingerbread Men Song

Look at the winsome smiles on these adorable guys! But don’t let them fool you! They’re about to jump up and run off the flannelboard, eluding your hunger!

5 gingerbread men lying on a tray
1 jumped up and ran away.
Calling “Catch me, catch me, catch me if you can.
You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!”
4 gingerbread men…

Photo by TF Sherman

Interactive play

As I hung the color pennants on my clothesline, we talked about what foods were what colors. Lucky me, I had Kaden visiting and she remembered all of them!
Down around the corner at the bakery shop
I made cookies out of fun foam with glue/white paint icing and glitter sprinkles on top. I use them on a magnetboard. Maybe they would have turned out better out of flannel.
The kids really liked the participation in this one -- even though they truly didn't get the idea of raising their hands to participate, and I goofed the ending half of the lyric! A very fun activity.


1 potato, 2 potato. We did it 3x, faster and faster and FASTER.
Mashed potatoes hot, mashed potatoes cold, mashed potatoes in the pot 9 days old.
Chocolate Goo words (1, 2, buckle my shoe but about chocolate goo)
Apples & Bananas but I had a PUPPET sing it.
Banana song.
Pizza pickle pumpernickel.

Bananas are just funny!

Hope this sated your hunger on this sub

We made playdough, and boy was it fun! I've made slime, but this was my first playdough!