Monday, December 17, 2012

Five Ways to Use a Puzzle

We just got this new Melissa & Dog upper and lower case puzzle in (courtesy of our ABC Crafts Materials link!) and just as I suspected, there's more than one way to put a puzzle together! Check out this info!

Use Location Words 
·         “B goes in the top row.”
·         Or describe where letters go according to the location of other letters your child is very familiar with.  “I goes next to J.”
Use “I spy…”  I spy an elephant.  Letter E goes with the /e/ /e/ /e/ elephant.  Can you find the elephant that goes with letter e?
Use Lower Case –Can you match the big E with the little e?”
Use the Puzzle Board – to trace the shapes of the letters.  While tracing, have your child say the letter name and it’s sound.  “C.  C says /k/ /k/ /k/ as in cat.”
Use the Puzzle Pieces – to trace the letter shapes.  This also develops those fine motor skills needed for writing.

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