Friday, January 29, 2016

Pre-K Dragon Storytime for Chinese New Year, Friday, February 5 @ 10:30.

February storytime? What would those kids want to hear about? Valentine's Day and romantic love? Groundhog Day & overgrown Pennsylvania rodents? Mardi Gras...dead presidents... How about a Chinese New Year Storytime with DRAGONS!!! 

Intro:  The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water by Gemma Merino.  This (adorable) crocodile doesn't like the water because he's a DRAGON!  Wonderful book about finding out who you are. Funny pix a must.

Gripping Read:  Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin. I've heard people complain that this silly book is just silly -- so what's wrong with that?

Good Story:  The Best Pet by David LaRochelle.  Dragons may love toys, but they won't pick them up; they do not like to help with chores; and they make a mess in the kitchen. In fact, they are not very good pets at all, but when Mom asks the dragon nicely to leave, he refuses.  Her son is forced to put a Dog Wanted sign on the front door, because it's a well known fact that dragons fear dogs greatly. A boxer knocks on the door, the dragon puts on his hat and sunglasses and splits.  I love doing the mom voice especially.

There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight by Klosterman.

Didn't get to this year: Good Story:  Dragon Stew by Steven Smallwood.  5 Vikings go in search of a tasty dragon to stew.  Sure. A little long.

Nice Ending: Dragon Who Wanted to Fly by Jeffrey Comanor.  What a cute little bubblehead Fedge the Dragon is! He's been carried away from his home in the Island of Dandy by a hairy condor Snooch, and since he can't fly, he's really stuck! He has many great ideas for flying, though, and tries them all out.  Funny AND cute.

Science Bonus:  Komodo! by Peter Sis.  A lovely, magic book about a boy who has always loved dragons and whose parents take him to see a real komodo dragon in Indonesia.

Me and My Dragon by David Biedrzycki. Great book about pets.

Game:  I explained that in China, people like to scare away the dragons by making a lot of noise. Then I gave out a lot of noisemakers.  I had a nice dragon puppet, and I told them as soon as they saw the dragon (peeking over the songboard) they should try to make as much noise as possible to scare it away. And then stop when he disappeared.  They were happy to comply and made a great deal of noise, but they were good at stopping too, and they didn't want to quit playing.

Songs:  Changed up the intro song. Told them all they were dragons:

  • Hello all you dragons, how do you do? How do you do? How do you?
Hello all you dragons, how do you do? How do you do today?
Hello all you dragons, fly way up high! etc.
Hello all you dragons, show your claws!
Hello all you dragons, let's hear your roar!

  • Dragon Pokey:  (Horns & tails and claws)
  • If You're a dragon and you know it

Craft:  I usually do a Valentine's Day craft because there are so many great Valentine's Day crafts, making necklaces, cards, heart pix, etc, but Chinese New Year came after Valentine's Day this year, so we made dragons.

A volunteer cut the crepe paper in half (fold long segments up and cut multiple thicknesses at one time)  and did about eight per dragon. We attached them with double sided tape on the inside of the roll but I suppose we could have used regular tape. Then we attached the eyeballs and nostrils with double sided tape. They didn't stay on really well, Anybody have any better ideas? But the crepe paper did whoosh satisfactorily. 

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