Friday, August 26, 2016

ABC Storyhour, Friday, September 2 @ 10:30

Not sighted on Gulf Blvd but it almost could have been. ABC Storytime 2016 was almost a complete wash out thanks to Hurricane Hermine, but we did have some cabin fevered moms and kids attend. Had to cut it short because of general wildness.

Play: I scattered some foam letters on the floor for the kids to find, with the idea that they find the letter which began their name. I'll have to try this on a non-hurricane day. The idea was that they would find their letter and then make the craft, but mayhem just set in. Next year I think I'll stick to my original plan, hanging them on the clothesline and taking down each letter for each kid's name so they'll be ready for the craft.

  • ABC Animal Jamboree by Giles Andreae. Since I'm planning to do a craft this year of them just decorating a plaque with their initials on it (foam, Oriental Trading), I asked them what letters start their names, then read the animal that went with their names. 
  • ABC3D pop-up by Marion Bataille. We sang the ABC song first. Cute. Since this book is damaged, I started off by introducing it as a "little bit broken -- huh, I wonder which page is broken?" This at least got the attention of the parents.
  • The Sleepy Little Alphabet by Judy Sierra. Another very funny hit from Judy Sierra. This is the only alphabet book I find to be readable. It doesn't just go A was once an Apple Pie, B blah blah blah.  Instead the naughty lower case letters are each misbehaving at bedtime, and the connection between letter and action isn't labored. A is wide awake, B won't take a bath, etc.  Pix are great too.
  • Z is for Moose by Kelly Bingham.  Moose is understandably put out because he has to wait and wait and wait until it's his turn to be M is for Moose, and Moose is NOT a good waiter then when they get to M it's for Mouse! His outrage knows no bounds!
  • Alphabet Mystery by Audrey Woods.  The letters of the alphabet as the main characters in a tale full of drama and suspense.  After all the A is for Apple Pie stuff, who knew?
  • Old Black Fly by Jim Aylesworth.  Love this book.  I always have the kids do the Shoo Fly, Shoo Fly, Shoo!



Bring the foam letters in and have the kids sit on a square. 


We strung foam letter beads from Oriental Trading on pipecleaners. Make a loop at the end for closure:

Alternately, have the kids make name plaques for themselves. Foam letters and a lot of sparkle. We tried doing their initials one year. That was a bit of a learning curve.

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