Tuesday, August 30, 2011

House Storyhour

Guess What I Am by Anni Axworthy. This was a nice interactional one to start with because we had a few shy newbies. Cole was 100% there in participation, of course.
The Napping House by Audrey Wood. Big Book. A fun readaloud. I added sound effects, rushed through the cozy bed, and pulled out where evvvverybody's sleeping. Then the drama at the end.
The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers. Jeffers manages to write the way children think. "Once there was a boy, and one day, as he was putting his things back in the closet, he found an airplane." I could just see Carson and Cole making mental notes to check the back of their closets when they got home.
Max Cleans Up by Rosemary Wells. Everyone knew who Max was! I pulled them in by asking if they thought Max would be good at cleaning up his room? Or maybe not so good at it?
Try: Castales, Caves and Honeycombs by Linda Ashman. Animal Homes by Karen Kenney  easy reader. Nonfiction with lots of pix. 

Songs: Just the usual favorites.

Puppet: Turtle, and the original Vachel Lindsay poem. (There was a little turtle, who lived in a box.)

Craft: We made very cool pop-up houses from an incredibly simple design by the great pop-up king himself, Robert Sabuda. Check it out at  Pop-up House 
But don't do what Ms. Travis did! I thought I could cheap out and use copy paper instead of the card stock Mr. Sabuda recommended. Card stock would have made houses that held their pop much better; I won't make that mistake next year. I could have let the children add collage elements, but I just love a child's crayon version of a house. There were plenty of suns, birds in the sky, airy windows and flower gardens created today.
Is there a rule that you have to take off your shoe when you put on a puppet?

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