Monday, May 8, 2017

Mother's Day Storyhour, Friday, May12 @ 10:30

This week is all about our brilliant storyhour partners – you moms!  
Thank you for wanting the best for your kids every day. 
Thank you for bringing your wonderful children to storyhour. 
Please enjoy an imaginary flower from     Ms. Travis.  


  • I love Mom with the very hungry caterpillar by Carle. Ronin introduced the book and the storytime with some observations on whether or not caterpillars have moms.
  • Dinosaur versus Mom by Shea.  I know other librarians love these, and you do get to make a lot of noise and roar, but not really my favorite. 
  • Do Like a Duck Does!  by Judy Hindley.  I picked this because it's about a savvy mom who can tell her duckling offspring from a fox, and puts the fibbing fox through some painful tests involving mud and eating bugs and swimming.  A nice little tale.
  • Bread and Honey by Frank Asch.  Thanks, Molly, for locating for me the wonderful book which gave rise to the Monkey Face story.  This is the source of the little monkey whose picture of his mom changes comically on the way home. I drew it on the whiteboard this year, and it went well. 
  • Over in the Meadow.  You get numbers, critters, and an assortment of verbs. I did this as a clothesline, but I didn't quite hit the right chord.
  • Pouch by David Stein.  I had a kangaroo & joey puppet and we acted out the book, with bee, bunny & bird.  I gave the other puppets to some parents to work.  Ordinarily I would have chosen kids, but this solution was very stress free and I will definitely do it again this way. Take your time with this. Note each time the kangaroo takes more steps: boingy boingy boingy. 
  • Ol' Mama Squirrel by David Stein.  Another fun one -- Mama Squirrel and her many ch-ch ch-ch's.  The moms were great about ch-ch ch-ch'ing with me, and going shoo.  Strangely enough, even the little tiny ones liked this one, maybe the most.
  • Mama, Do You Love Me? by Barbara Joosse. I had the big book and spent a lot of time introducing the setting, which is very important for the children to understand the choice of the different animals and the way the characters are dressed. 
  • Is Your Mama a Llama? by Deborah Guarino. I love books with strong ending rhymes, and I always pause at the end of the sentence to try to get the kids to guess them. Kids should shout out in storytime. But they don't. Don't think this really works for a very young group.
  • My Mom by Anthony Browne. Simple bright pictures matched up to simple action oriented text make this one my first choice for mom's storytime. Calls for dancing, roaring like a lion and painting.  Don't forget your plant.
  • 15 things NOT to do with a Grandma, by Margaret McAllister.  Funny!

  • Mama's Little Baby loves bouncing, bouncing
  • Skinnamarinka
Do NOT try to sing this song.  "Line it" with the kids.  You say "over on the beach" and they say it back. You say "big mama turtle" and get them to say how many turtles.
  • Over on the beach in the sand and the sun
    Lived a big mama turtle and her little turtle one
    Dig said the mama
    I dig, said the one
    And they swam all day in the sand and the sun.
    Over on the beach where the waves lap so blue
    Lived a mama seagull and her seagulls two
    Squawk! Said the mama
    We squawk! Said the two
    And they squawked all day where the waves lap so blue.
    Over on the beach near the tall palm tree
    Lived a little sandcrab
    And her baby sandcrabs three
    Crawl! Said the sandcrab! We crawl said the three
    And they crawled all day by the tall palm tree.
    Over on the beach on the sand by the shore
    Lived a mama pelican
    And her pelicans four
    Swoop! Said the mama. We swoop! said the four.
    And they swooped all day on the sand by the shore.
    Over in the water where the dolphins like to dive
    Lived a big mama fish and her baby fish five.
    Swim! Said the mama.
    We swim! Said the five. So they swam all day where the dolphins like to dive.
Mother's Day Bookmark
Materials: Cardstock and an assortment of glitter, punched hearts, markers, scissors, etc.  KISS

Mothers's Day Banner

Materials:  wallpaper, yarn

They made a card and decorated a bookmark as a gift their mothers.  I had punched out hearts of different color which they COULD have assembled as flowers with a center but they mostly just stuck hearts all over their cards and did likewise with the bookmarks.  They were happy as long as they had a gluestick in their hands. 


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