Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Magic Storytime


Strega Nona by Tomie de Paola. Strega Nona is a traditional Italian tale written by that traditional old Italian himself, Tomie de Paola. It's about the magic cauldron only the local witch knew how to use wisely. Disaster occurs when she leaves the small town to manage on its own. Disaster and way too much spaghetti. My black cauldron is in the backroom. Practice your fake Italian accent, and don't forget to throw those three magic kisses!


A wizard husband and a wizard wife are sitting in their wizard living room with their wizard baby. "It's your turn to change the baby," Wizard Dad says. "True," says the wife, "But it's your turn to put out the cat." and Pouf! the baby turns to a cat. "Yes, but it's your turn to walk the dog," said Wizard Dad. Soooo funny, but between you and me? I'm not sure the kids quite get this.

The Magic Hat



Welllll, you could go ahead and make magic wands, but if you're dealing with the 2 to 5 year old set, be warned: this age bracket is creative enough to immediately begin bopping each other on the head with that foam star you've stapled to the end of that dowel road.

Try doing a "magical" art project instead, like crayon resist. Or some of the others below. I once did a "Magic" storyhour based around Sylvester and the Magic Pebble and gave out "magic" pebbles at the end. "Would you care for a magic pebble?" I asked solemnly. And they all happily took pebbles home as their party favors. Kids soooo love rocks.

The Harry Potter magic wand is really just a stick, but there again, you come across the difficulty of arming a bunch of three year olds with sticks.
Wizard or Witch's Hat
There's a nice bit of scissor work with this, and if you used foam instead of construction paper, these hats would be around for a lot of play.

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