Friday, January 13, 2017

Pre-K Opposites Storytime, Friday, January 20 @ 10:30


  • Pop-Up Book: Animal Opposites by Horacek.  Gorgeousity.  Great attention getter.
  • Caldecott Winner and a true Gripping Tale: Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney. Although I admired the beautiful pictures in this book as much as anyone, I never thought I'd be using it for a storytime. But the very traditional tale worked out perfectly. Because it's a wordless book, it really lends itself to prediction -- prediction is all there is! What are those men unloading? A net! (A gasp goes up.) The kids ALL listened, even 20 month old Peter.
  • Fun Read: I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry. I love this cute, funny tale, and so did the kids. Very short, repetitive text as the squid cruises by all the smaller critters. The kids had a great time calling out the different sea creatures on each page -- shrimp, crab, etc. The poor bragging giant squid came to a bad end in the end -- in the belly of a giant whale.
  • Sophie's Big Bed by Tina Burke or My BIG Boy Bed by Bunting or Board Book Big Enough for a Bed, Board Book Jordan, starring Elmo.  The kids were impressed with their own maturity on this important issue, so I went ahead and read this book and it was well received. It helped that it was so short, too.
  • You are (Not) Small by Anna Kang. Geisel Award.  Strips big and little concept down to two bears arguing, a big one and a little one. To read:  I sat down and read up at the ceiling for the little bears and stood up and read down to the chair as a big one.
  • Pop-up: Big Frog Can't Fit In by Mo Willems. Poor Big Frog! He's too big to fit inside this book! Oh, look how sad that makes him! Luckily he has these nice little froggie friends who make the book (back cover) bigger, and now he fits! Sure, it's a dumb premise for a book, but the pop-ups are fantastic and it's great for big/little.
  • Actual Size by Steve Jenkins, 591.41 Jenkins.  I always use this beautifully illustrated Jenkins book which depicts the ACTUAL SIZE of a gorilla's hand (front cover) a Giant Squid's eye, etc. We interact with it; the kids take turns putting their hands on the gorilla's hand. I hold up the eyeball of the giant squid next to a parent's face, and they can see how much bigger the giant squid's eye is. I hold up the bear head on top of a child's shoulder, and the the crocodile, etc. Very fun. 
  • Big animals and little animals, which we sorted (sort of) into a big box and a little box.
  • Shaker eggs, played loud and soft.
  • Boxes in different sizes. Little bear in a little box.  BIG GIANT bear in a BIG GIANT box.
  • Babies and grownups!
Animal sorting.  Bring out two of animals, big and little, and have the kids match them up, turtle & turtle, snake & snake, etc.  Then have them put the big ones in the big box and the little ones in the little box.

To Frere Jacques:

This is big, this is little. I added this for sound:

This is quiet, this is quiet
This is loud, this is loud.
Quiet, hushed and whisper
Quiet, hushed and whisper
Loud roar SCREAM
Loud roar SCREAM

Bread and Butter, Jelly and Jam
This is little, this is big
Clap, clap clap your hands as slowly as you can
Motor Boat
See the Bunnies Sleeping
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Bread and Butter Hello Song
Bread and butter, 
Jelly and jam, 
Let’s say hello 
As quietly as we can. 
Hello! (Say quietly)
Bread and butter, 
Jelly and jam, 
Let’s say hello 
As loudly
As quickly
As slowly
As high
As low as we can. 

CRAFT: Painting with TP rolls and small square boxes.

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