Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pre-K Pirate Storytime


  • What's a pirate's favorite letter in the alphabet?  Arrrrrr.  Practice talking like a pirate:  arggh, aye, me hearty, belay that!
  • Bring your mascara pencil to work, or get out the facepaints, and draw some curly moustaches on your attendees. 
  • End the storytime by having them "walk the plank" right out the door.   

Storytime Line-up

Intro: Pirates Don't Take Baths *****
Gripping tale: Pirates Love Underpants 
Gripping tale: Pirate Pete, Talk Like a Pirate by Kennedy
Physical: Pirate Treasure Hunt **** (Parents provided super back-up!)
Science & Math: This Little Pirate ***
Classic: Pirate Boy by Eve Bunting
Quickie: Pirate Nap (Didn't really do -- just colors)
Pirates vs. Cowboys  Aaron Reynolds
Pirates in Pajamas by Caroline Crowe
Journey of Captain Scaredy Cat by Jose Andres.  Love this book, story kids need too.

To the tune of "If You're Happy & You Know It" (Credit: Born Librarian)
If you're a pirate , swab the deck (swish, swish)
...walk the plank
...say Ahoy!

Zoom, zoom, zoom, we're hunting for doubloons.
Zoom, zoom, zoom, we're hunting for doubloons.
If you want to take a trip, climb aboard our rocket ship...

Have them wrap small objects like pebbles or styrofoam pieces in tinfoil to make treasure.

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