Friday, April 24, 2015

Monkey Storytime, Friday, May 1 @ 10:30 am

Monkeys live for danger. They're always teasing crocodiles and jumping on beds. They can't even behave at the library! When Curious George, the most famous monkey of them all, goes to storytime, he turns the library bookshelves upside down -- literally. And yet, what do we so often call the small people who come to our storytimes?


There was a little monkey who lived in a tree.
He was very furry, as furry could be.
He gobbled bananas, he gobbled up bugs
But he was a lovin' monkey and liked to give hugs!
He hugged all the babies.
He hugged all their moms.
Then he said "eee eee eeee"
And ran back up the tree.


Make some monkey noises! They're a) important vowel sounds and b) big faves with kids doing animal noises. Tell them not to clap after the stories -- they're supposed to give you monkey cheers, ooo-eee-aaaa!

Intro: Two Little Monkeys by Mem Fox. This makes for a great clapping song.
Gripping tale: Where's My Mommy? by Julia Donaldson. OR Fortunately Unfortunately by Michael Foreman. Be sure to switch voices from carefree to terror.
Physical: From Head to Toe by Eric Carle. I've tried to use this book in monkey stories every year, but was never very happy with the results. Finally! With this two - four year old bunch, I explain that we're looking for the gorilla on the cover. I turn the pages and ask, "Is that a gorilla?" No, it's a giraffe! "Can you stretch your neck like a giraffe?" The theatrics were great. I flipped around through the book (skipping the camel!) till the crowd enthusiasm was ready for discovering the gorilla. Nice interaction!
Math: Count the Monkeys by Mac Barnett. Turn the page; there are monkey enemies everywhere, and the monkeys are hiding. OR Ten Naughty Little Monkeys by Suzanne Williams.  Nice to have monkeys misbehaving in many different ways. Ten Naughty Monkeys by Suzanne Williams. I asked the kids to guess the ending rhymes -- some were a little tough though. Ten Gorillas by Lidia Blomgren.  This is a nice one because it counts by 10s, if the group is ready for that level.
Science: Chimpanzees (Blastoff readers) or Busy Monkeys by Schindel
Classic: Curious George and the Dump Truck OR Yummy Yummy! Food for My Tummy! by Sam Lloyd. The kids really identify with the two monkeys separated by shark infested waters. Two favorite kid themes: being eaten (by sharks, wolves, or dinosaurs) and being all alone on a desert island with no one to play with. And the moms did a great job of reciting, "Yummy Yummy! Food for my Tummy!" in all the right places. 
Quickie: Monkey Truck. I know, a truly weird book. But they love it! 
Finale: Do Monkeys Tweet? by Melanie Walsh.
Little Monkey Calms Down Board Book Dahl
Spunky Little Monkey by Bill Martin.

Could a Monkey Waterski? by Camilla de la Bedoyere.  Really good.

5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
5 Little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree
Row row row your boat. Spish! and Splash! and Splatter! If you see the monkeys swing, Don't forget to chatter. OOO, OOOO, Ahh, Ahh.

This dude is made of a square, a large circle (the outside of a roll of duck tape), two smaller punched out circles, and two punched out hearts, cut in half.  The pipe cleaners are taped on in the back. I think I'll add a straw for him to swing from this year.

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