Friday, December 16, 2016

Toys and Games Storytime, Friday, December 16 @ 10:30


Prop: Pom pom. Couldn't find the pom pom at the last minute and the kids loved the make believe pitch even more.

Prop: Wrapped box with a Santa hat inside.  Take it out, put it on, and ask, "Who wears this hat?" Talk about Santa and giving presents and then read this. 

Remember the song is Jingle QUACK, Jingle QUACK.

Remember, this is about a lot T-R-U-C-K, not truck.  Spell it out and milk it for all the anguish. Good thing four-year-old Ronan was there -- he knew what T-R-U-C-K spelled.

An exciting excursion to the laundromat turns to tragedy when Trixie realizes that Knuffle Bunny has been left behind -- and in a washing machine. 

Trixie "can't even speak word".  Ask the kids if they can speak words yet.  Say Mommy with them, and Daddy.  Then try Knuffle Bunny.  What IS a knuffle bunny? Maybe a soft bunny, like this one.  And pass around a soft bunny. This book was a bigger hit than I expected.  Don't skip!

We love our dogs but...when we come down in the morning and discover htey have chewed the eyeballs out of our bears, our shocked horror knows no bounds.  So it has always been with me, and I'm happy Ian Falconer finally gives voice to this kind of grief.  Olivia misses her toy, only to find out the worst... but in the end, she still loves the toy and dog which, for Olivia, is truly generous.

Songs: Pass out the shake jingle bells
5 Gingerbread Men
Ring the Bells


  • Lion Game good DURING storytime.   Lions growl. Have them growl. And lions sleep --  for 20 hours a day!  Have them sleep, and then go around the room waking them up.
  • Wheelbarrowing 
  • Have a wrapped box, take the lid off, and ask what's inside.  One by one, describe the toy (this is round and bounces), and have them guess:  ball, rattle or shaker, toy car, building blocks, teddy bear, puzzle.
  • Statues. 

Five Ways to Use a Puzzle

Use Location Words 
·         “B goes in the top row.”
·         Or describe where letters go according to the location of other letters your child is very familiar with.  “I goes next to J.”
Use “I spy…”  I spy an elephant.  Letter E goes with the /e/ /e/ /e/ elephant.  Can you find the elephant that goes with letter e?
Use Lower Case –Can you match the big E with the little e?”
Use the Puzzle Board – to trace the shapes of the letters.  While tracing, have your child say the letter name and it’s sound.  “C.  C says /k/ /k/ /k/ as in cat.”
Use the Puzzle Pieces – to trace the letter shapes.  This also develops those fine motor skills needed for writing.

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